What is YOUR Motivation?

Every great journey starts somewhere, and your journey to a healthier lifestyle is not one to take lightly. So we want to know the roots of this health journey, why did you decide it was time to quit smoking and put down the pack for good?

Tell us what your Motivation to quit smoking cigarettes was, and what keeps you off the pack and on the vape today.

We want to hear the story of what made you start “Kicking Ash”. Our favorite story will win 2 MOTI Kits, 2 Packs  of Empty Pods, 1 Pack of Cool Melon Pods, 1 Pack of Ice Pineapple Pods, & 4 Mojo's (you pick the flavors)!!

To enter, send your submissions over to marketing@mojovape.com

To read some inspirational entries from fellow vapers head here 


Deadline to submit is August 8th, 2019

Good luck, and stay Motivated!