How to Quit Smoking in 2020

Out of all our bad habits, the habit of smoking is the hardest one to quit. The number of smokers is consistently on the rise as almost 18 percent of American adults smoke cigarettes and almost 70 percent of them want to quit smoking, says The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So how can one give up smoking in 2020 is a long desired question by smokers who need the exact answer and really want to give up smoking once and for all.

The underlined philosophy that helps in giving up smoking is the strong will power. Once you intend to stop smoking then have faith in yourself and don’t smoke at all on that day. Always stay busy; your business stops you from thinking about yourself and consequently the brain focuses on work instead of craving for nicotine. Busy status helps more when it comes to giving up smoking. One must hang around friends who don’t smoke. Smoker’s community is liable to convert even non-smokers to smokers and hence they carry a potential threat for those who want to quit smoking. 

Quitting smoking is not difficult if the precautionary measures are followed strictly. Once you feel an urge for nicotine intake, drink some water, drink it sip by sip and distract your mind by watching a movie or going out for a long walk. Do something that you find helpful in distracting your mind.

Multiple services and products exist to assist smokers in their conquest against smoking. Some of them have been rounded up here; Local drugstores offer nicotine patches that can work through the skin to reduce craving for nicotine intake. The process includes a series of lower dose until the smoker is weaned off of nicotine. Nicotine gum is also helpful in quitting the craving for nicotine. Usually, smokers begin with a high dose, reducing it with the passage of time to wean themselves off of nicotine. Taking 20 lozenges daily to control nicotine craving also produces the desired results and help smokers in giving up smoking. Lozenges are nicotine replacement products sold without a prescription and are short-acting as well.

The digital age is transforming everything and the growing role of technology is increasing day by day. Quit smoking apps like the Quitter’s Circle and websites like smokefree.gov are some of them. You can use these apps and websites to stay away from smoking and ultimately get rid of this bad habit.

Studies have also found that e-cigarettes are less addictive than smoking traditional cigarettes. Many smokers consider e-cigarettes to be the potential method to give up smoking. E-cigarettes like  offers a handy opportunity to quit smoking by constantly decreasing the level of nicotine and adjusting it to your needs. Chain smokers who use e-cigarettes daily are more likely to give up smoking than smokers who never used.

Researchers suggest that quality disposable e-cigarettes like MOTI PIIN are safe and reliable for smoking quitting process. MOTI e-cigarette is a refillable and multi-flavored vape so you can use your own flavor, liquid and the required nicotine strength. MOTI PIIN is the right device for quitting smoking because it is free from tar, carbon monoxide and carcinogens. If you intend to give up smoking then MOTI e-cigarette is your reliable companion in the battle against smoking.

2020 should be a healthy and smoke free year for you. By following at least two or three of the aforementioned instructions, you can win the battle and achieve the dream of a smoke free 2020.


Author: MOTI Official