How to Dispose the Scrapped Vape Products?

Safety Measures and guidelines Need to be Followed when Disposing of e-cigarette Related Products.

The growing concern for environmentalists these days is whether scrapped electronic products can be disposed of properly or not. If yes, then how? Electronic cigarettes contain e-liquids that can pose a potential threat to the environment as well as human health if they are not disposed of properly. Unused nicotine in discarded Pod-system may pose threat to the environment and children; therefore, they should not be flushed down a sink or thrown in the trash. Improper disposal may lead to accidental nicotine poisoning as well. The nicotine solution present in all popular vape pods & disposable e-cigs has the ability to seep into the ground water and can become a perpetual threat to humans.

the scrapped vape pen becomes a perpetual threat to environment.

The following measures should be taken while disposing of wastes Pod-systems or related products.
The battery of the vape pod system should be turned off when disposing of it. If the battery is rechargeable then the user must remove the rechargeable battery as well. Always store the e-cigarette related products in a container that is specific for hazardous wastes. These containers use the precautionary measures of how to dispose the electronic products and are safer as compared to the traditional way of disposing of waste products. Trained workers at the related facility know how to remove the recyclable products who usually keep such batteries in a separate container.

The lithium-ion battery should be disposed properly  when the vape  scrapped.

Lithium-ion batteries tend to explode, therefore, the safety guidelines beware to deliver the discarded batteries at least every three month. Never throw such batteries into the trash as they may cause explosion and injury. It is also suggested not to rinse electronic cigarettes for removing the liquid nicotine residue. This will not only make water unfit for drinking but for other domestic uses also. Additionally, one needs to wear gloves when dealing with disposing of the waste products and a sealed bag should be used to ensure safety and avoid any mishap. Handling electronic cigarettes with bare hands or throwing them in the recycle bin may lead to any undesirable consequence.

Dispose of scrapped E-cigs properly in case of pollution.

Vaping is increasingly popular and so the sale of electronic cigarettes is rapidly increasing, especially the disposable vape product. Smokers are replacing traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes making it popular among the masses. Authorities suggest vapers to dispose of e-cigarette related products properly. This will not only help the conservation of environment but will also pose minimum threat to human lives and wildlife.


Author: MOTI Official